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To most passers-by, a building, whether residential or commercial, is simply a structure with walls, floors and ceilings. To Benjamin Llorin, Vice President of First Class Customer Service, it is a story he is anxious to read. Llorin began his career pulling documents in the mail room of a national title company as part of a high school vocational studies class. The passion and curiosity that experience ignited propelled him to excel in real estate. By nineteen, Llorin was managing the title company’s customer service center; a post he held until recruited by Fidelity over twenty years ago.

I thrive on customer intimacy. They rely on me to provide the information they really need.

For two decades, Llorin has continually honed his skills overseeing Fidelity’s elite group of division 1 clients. Serving real estate agents, brokers, and lenders; Llorin’s team is ready to engage. It takes just one call from an agent or broker to mobilize and begin pulling information related to an entire geographical area. A bounded MLS presentation containing: property profiles, deeds, characteristics, liens, and more are quickly assembled. The MLS allows the client to immediately focus on the information prospective buyers and sellers need to complete the transaction.

Not only does Llorin cater to division 1 – he also manages a call center staffed with representatives who promptly provide data for both residential and commercial inquiries. “If you see a house you are interested in and want to know anything about it, just call me,” insists Llorin. “We can tell you everything about the history of the building, down to loan judgments and tax liens,” he adds.

A deep desire to improve the lives of those who can benefit from his special talents has kept him motivated. “I help people find their dream real estate, it is extremely rewarding,” reflects Llorin. Clients can be confident that Benjamin Llorin and his team will expertly analyze the history of a property. He is, after all, just as eager to learn about the particular property as they are to receive the information he is able to provide.