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The densely layered and time-consuming procedures that generate property profiles and prospecting lists are difficult to successfully oversee without the attention to detail that Kathlene Meyer brings to her position as Assistant Vice President, Commercial Customer Service Manager. The Cal State Fullerton graduate started at Fidelity in 1998 working for the processing department. Meyer flourished within the company, primarily performing title searches before realizing her full potential in customer service.

I’m quality control. I make sure everything is being done. Our commercial customer service department receives approximately 80 to 100 requests per day and we try to provide a 24-hour turnaround.

Commercial investors, contractors, attorneys and developers have a unique relationship with real estate. While the “emotional attachment” to the deal is often less than that of a residential transaction, the deals are larger and more complex with multiple parties involved. Meyer understands this requires greater attention to detail. She makes certain the client has all the information required in order to make the best decisions within the time period that they have to work. Delivering the client what they need is more than a task for Kathlene Meyer – it is a passion. “I love the technical aspect,” she states, “it’s like a puzzle.”

Meyer’s experience in multiple departments, coupled with her thorough nature and eye for detail, made her a natural choice to train new Fidelity sales executives. “I love to train. I get them familiar with all of our products, the way we are set up in the customer service department, and how our unit is a vital resource for the vast Fidelity network,” Meyer proudly states. The pride she has in her work is reflected in Meyer’s expert client presentations for both repeat and new prospective customers. “I come to you; with my laptop, iPad, and my own projector,” says Meyer. “We also have a mobile version of our product, allowing clients access to our services and information from virtually anywhere,” she adds.

As a resident of Long Beach for more than 15 years, Meyer enjoys all aspects of the California lifestyle.